What is the difference between consultants and interim management?

Consultants and Interim resources are both used to conduct specifc projects or fill resource gaps.  

The main difference between a "consultant" and an "Interim" is time. Consultants are in the main are used for short term specfic projects that require specifc skills whereas an interim resource is filling a specfic role such as filling in for the temporary absence of a key member staff or enabling a company re-structuring.  In both instances a company can employ the services of a highly qualified resources without the long-term commitment associated with a permanant hire. 

Major benefits of Interims & Consultants :

Availability – Permanent recruiting takes time.

High Value – Highly qualified & Results orientated.

Reduces Risk –  no employment agreements or expensive severance packages.

Special Skills – key skills that the organization does not possess and that would take a long time to cultivate organically or recruit permanently.