What is Outsourced Sales?

Outsourced Sales

Outsourced Sales enables a path to creating early ROI in EMEA by providing senior sales contractors at zero up-front costs. Sales personnel are jointly selected and managed to execute sales expansion plans. Our contractors do not require costly local entity setup or employer payroll commitments. We also provide consulting services to improve sales which can include workshops for direct & indirect channels and interim sales support e.g Interim VP/ Director EMEA. 

Outsourced Sales

Our sales outsourcing services normally begin with the joint selection and qualification of a Senior Sales Consultant to lead the programme (usually focused on a specfic country e.g UK, Germany, France.. or a region e.g EMEA, CEE..). Minimum contract period will be 90 days with a 60 day notice required for optional transitioning of our contractors to your full time hire. When required, further sales force expansion such as EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) will be facilitated. In the unlikely event that a contractor does not perform, we will replace that individual at no additional cost.

Prior to any sales outsourcing contract commencement, we will jointly develop the communication processes, reporting requirements and outline the initial tasks e.g. sales plans to be developed by the contractor. Your products and services will be marketed to predefined target accounts & territories.

In addition, we can assist in defining and implementing your business vision by providing sales consulting services, which may involve sales workshops or interim sales support at a fixed price or daily rate as appropriate.


  • Our sales personnel are committed full-time to you
  • Substantial reduction of time, fiscal resources and sales infrastructure
  • Creation of proactive communications / bids
  • Annualized costs for outsourced sales are 40-50% less than direct hires
  • Outsourced sales contractors can be hired at the end of the assignment

Outsourced Sales Services Brief PDF Outsourced Sales Services Brief