Dedicated short or long term real industry expertise on a per project or interim basis; providing ROI through reducing cost and creating both top and bottom line growth. Focus areas: Strategy, Sales, Operations, Technology

Sales Outsourcing

Enabling a path to creating early ROI in EMEA by providing senior sales contractors at zero up-front costs. Sales personnel are jointly selected and managed to execute sales expansion plans. Our contractors do not require costly local entity setup or employer payroll commitments. We also provide consulting services to improve sales which can include workshops for direct & indirect channels and interim sales support e.g Interim VP/ Director EMEA.

Outsourced Operations

When revenue warrants it we help set up and manage local finance & administrative operations. Outsourcing operations eliminates the need for additional HQ finance resources, minimizes local compliance risk, and allows management time to be focused on HQ related matters. We also provide consulting services e.g. preparation of employment contracts and country assessments.

Outsourced Software Development

We can provide all your IT development requirements and increase the efficiency of your internal IT resources by providing a highly qualified, cost effective outsourced team of project managers, architects and developers. We focus on nearshore resources in Central Eastern Europe. This will enable you to concentrate on your strategic objectives.